Simon's Introduction

Welcome to my Restorative yoga online video program!

During a Restorative yoga session, you are invited to slow down, focus on your breath and practise stillness or gentle movements. Yoga postures are practised usually lying down, supported by props, and held for longer periods than a usual yoga pose in a general class. This encourages the body to let go, releasing muscular tension, as the props are supporting your body rather than the muscles, resulting in a more grounded, balanced and relaxed state. It is recommended / useful for everyone, but particularly if you are wanting or needing deep rest and to practise self care. It can also be helpful if you have an injury or you are recovering from illness.

Enclosed in this online video program are eight key Restorative Yoga poses. These poses are demonstrated by me visually and i also give you spoken instructions. The video and spoken instructions have been recorded separately and in such a way that if you wish, you can ignore the video and come into the pose just listening to the instructions, or turn the sound off and watch the videos. Of course you can also watch and listen at the same time if you wish. In fact I advise you to watch and listen to all eight Restorative Yoga pose videos all the way through once or twice, and then select the poses and sequences that you wish to practise.

Enjoy practising self care and resting deeply!


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